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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Kenneth Steigman

Director & Research Scientist, Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA)

Dr. Kenneth Steigman will be the Keynote Speaker at TXSER's 2017 Annual Conference:  Resilience & Connectivity at Our Roots.  

As one of TXSER's founding Board Members, Dr. Ken Steigman will share his reflections on TXSER and changes in the field of ecological restoration.  He will use examples from his tenure at LLELA to demonstrate how LLELA has grown and adapted over the years to changes in the natural and human landscape.  An ornithologist by training, Steigman has years of experience protecting and restoring prairies, forests and wildlife in North Texas and beyond.  He will share his thoughts and concerns about current issues and major challenges in the field, highlighting the urgency for restoration management.    

Steigman's opening keynote address will set the stage for thought and discussion about how we, as scientists and practitioners, can create resilience, encourage connectivity, and grow from our roots.  

Dr. Ken Steigman

Director & Research Scientist

Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area


Keynote Speaker

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